Jonathan Clarke Sypert

Hip Hop, Mini Movers,Movers and Shakers,

Tap, Little Warriors, Warriors, Song and Dance

Mr. Jonathan was voted 2009 Best Adult Hip Hop Teacher in Honolulu by the readers of Honolulu Magazine!
 Jonathan Clarke Sypert is a professional performing artist as well as instructor here at The Movement Center.  He has acted on Hawaii Five-0; sings with Henry Kapono and the Hot Club of Hulaville; dances with Tau Dance Theater, The Rhythm Renegades and HI-Frequency; produces and performs Hip Hop music with and for various local acts; features as a Slam Poet for meaningful community events; contracts artistically with the City and County of Honolulu for the Department of Environmental Services, Refuse Division; and is the Founder and Head Facilitator of the community outreach program Forward Motion.  Jonathan is grateful for the blessing of being introduced to the performing arts by his mother Shirley Sypert, a noted Broadway star from the '70s; and to have been fortunate enough to make his living for over 20 years where he was raised, right here in Hawai'i.