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My children have been so blessed by dancing, singing, acting, tumbling, tapping, spinning (you name it, they have done it) with you and the other wonderful instructors at the movement center. Some days we drive down to Kaimuki with frowns...but always come home with smiles, and stories about what the kids did and who they made friends with that day... thank you for placing smiles on my kids faces, and sweet memories inside their little hearts that will last a lifetime...

                 -- Oda Ohana

I've wanted to take dance classes forever. They make me feel special and happy. I hope to keep taking classes for a long time.

                -- CR -Student

... a place where children and adults can grow to their full potential..

                -- Sacred Dancer

We thank you for all you do to build the body, mind and spirit of our daughters and all the students at TMC. You are all AWESOME ...

                -- Osorio Ohana

The "Creative Movement" workshop offered the teachers some concrete ideas that they can use in the classroom... informative materials... enthusiastic presenter.

                -- Trainer-Program Specialist

Ryan Guinan

I love to dance. I go to The Movement Center twice a week for four classes. I take Jazz, Tap, Street Dance and Ballet. I have lots of friends. I feel happy there. I was in the Hawaii Stars show in 2005. When I was dancing, I felt like a pop star. The audience was clapping and yelling for me. I was in The Movement Center’s summer show last year and had four parts. Three with my classes. One from an audition. I also got to do a solo dance to Holes and Bare Necessities. I want to keep dancing my whole life.
Ryan Guinan, 2008
(TMC Student: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, Vocal Performance)

TMC by Alex Lum

The Movement Center
This is a place where a kid can be safe
This is a place where a kid can learn
This is a place where a kid can have fun
I walk in everyday with my skateboard
and let me tell you it's a reward
seeing those smiles on those childrens' faces
and if im having a bad day it replaces the sad
and embraces the happiness
and I think its fabulous
that I can express, obsess
and try to impress with my finess all my progress
yes I take jazz, hip hop, tap, voice, and slam poetry
and let me tell you it's a work out
and I don't know how I make time for
school, sleeping and skating
Miss Lisa I'm so glad I got to meet cha
and I bet cha she can teach ya some good stuff
anyone is good enough to try a class
the time goes by so fast

that it doesn't really last
but it lasts in your brain
and you're going to have to refrain
from coming back
so you might as well pack
and come on back
and we even sell snacks
cause TMC is the only place for me.
Alex Lum
(TMC Student: Tap, Jaz, Caporeira, Hip Hop, Vocal Performance, Words in Motion)